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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Update

Dear Families,

I wanted to take some time to update you and to assure you that Mel and the staff at Garden House have been working incredible hard to keep all residents safe and well in these unprecedented circumstances. They have shown exceptional dedication to their roles at Garden House and continue to go above and beyond the call of duty, I cannot praise them highly enough for their loyalty and support.

Initially we had difficulties in gathering alcohol gel, after a plea on Facebook many kind members of the community offered donations to the box at the end of our drive, with additional offerings of soap and even some homemade jam!

We have had all the obvious difficulties of PPE that you would have seen broadcasted on the news. Fortunately, I have sewing skills and was able to foresee these issues early on and managed to produce some facemasks for the staff. We have also received some Scrubs from a community of seamstresses “The Somerset Scrubbers”, in return they asked for a donation to the NHS of which I of course honoured. Special thanks to a family member who contributed to this donation, you know who you are, I’m very grateful. Thankfully the pressures of supplies have eased at the moment.

I know Mel has been working hard to keep in contact with you all and we have a Facebook page which is updated regularly under “Garden House Rest House”. Now the warmer weather has seen residents being able to take strolls around the Garden, or wheel chair rides, sit on the patio for lunch and enjoy the sunshine.

Although the governments advise on easing lockdown measures have been implemented, I’m afraid that this does not extend to visitation to residents at the moment, unless your visit is deemed essential. We would like to assure you that as soon as we can have visitors safely on site, we will be implementing a safe protocol to do so. We will send you thorough details on the safest way we can implement these of which I would hope you can all respect and adhere to, when the time is right.

I would like to thank-you all, for your understanding and patience during this difficult time and join me in applauding the staff on maintaining a safe environment for the Residents during such a difficult journey. The small dedicated team who work at Garden House have covered sickness, furlough and worked incredibly long hours at times to ensure that we have not needed to use agency staff, which would have substantially increased risks. Staff even assured me early on that they would move in if necessary, extremely heart-warming, I’m sure you will agree.

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mel if you have any questions our email I really hope you are all safe and well.

Warm wishes,

Jo Newton