Ice Creams in a line on the beach

Garden House July Newsletter

• Helen will be doing hairdressing on every Monday at 13:30
• Chiropodist will be here on Tuesday the 2nd at 09:00
• Holy communion will be in the main lounge on Friday the 12th at 10:30
• The library will be coming on Monday the 1st and 22nd at 14:30


• Yoga will be taking place in the lounge Thursday at 11:00
• The monthly trip will be on Wednesday the 3rd at 10:00 at West Bay then followed by lunch and ice cream
• Ukuleles will be performing Tuesday the 9th at 14:30 in the lounge
• Jan Millward will be here for some more fun activities on the 10th of July at 14:30
• Ellie will be flower arranging Thursday the 18th of July at 10:00
• Also there will be activities Monday to Friday each morning at 10:30 which will include Bingo, Scrabble, The memory box, Dominoes, Hangman, Draughts, Snakes and Ladders. Also for anyone who doesn’t wish to partake there will be one on ones and also walks (weather permitting).