Profile Picture Jacqui

Meet Jacqui (Jac). I am married and have two lovely children and have a very naughty puppy called Molly the mophead.

How long have you worked at Garden House?

I am relief staff, so I am here to cover sickness/holiday. I have been at Garden House for eighteen months.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I will never be on Masterchef! I literally burn everything I had to throw a sauce pan away Christmas day as I had even burnt the peas. I love Horse riding and have my own horse and go out when I can with them.

What is your proudest moment/achievement?

I used to be very unhealthy and smoked forty a day last year I was poorly and gave up I have not smoked for a year !!!

How many years of experience in care do you have?

I started in care in 1993, looking after a lovely girl who had learning difficulties. I then spent twenty five years managing a home in Yeovil for adults with Learning difficulties.

What do you enjoy about Garden House?

Oh, everything, the homely atmosphere the lovely residents and the amazing staff. Most of all, getting on the bus for the trips with John, the bus driver and going on our days out eating fish and chips with the residents.